Tuesday, July 14, 2009

randomness about me

salam all,
just terjumpa tag ni kat mana ntah. then i just copy paste and i wanna do it. will tag u guys jugak sbb rasanye mcm takpenah lagi ada tag ni kat blog korang. tungguuuu...

A - AVAILABLE : nope!
B - BIRTHDAY : august 13th
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD : orange juice given by hani
F - FAVORITE SONG : nice to listen
H - HOMECOUNTRY : saya anak malaysia
I - IN LOVE WITH : recently with scofield in prison break, det.caine in csi:miami
J - JUGGLE : ok lorr
K - KILLED SOMEONE : no so far ;p
M - MILKSHAKE FLAVOR : chocolate and strawberry
O - ONE WISH : my DREAMS come true. do i need to list out my dreams? no need, right?
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: myKinG [dear, mcm nak makan beger je...]
R - REASON TO SMILE : i have no reason to smile because i love to smile
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD : we are the world by MJ and friends
U - UNDERWATER WORLD : yeah.. more than twice
V - VEGETABLE(S) : ok lorr
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD : procedure for medical checkup 1 year and half ago
Y – YOYOS ARE : ok.

Spell your name without vowels : sffz hn
What color do you wear most? : black and white and blue
Least favorite color? : red
What are you listening to? : di alam fana cinta by fotograf @ hot.fm
Are you happy with your life right now? : alhamdulillah
What is your favorite class in school? : art and pjk
When do you start back at school/college? : after spm
Are you outgoing? : ok lorr
Favorite pair of shoes? : adidas the only one
Where do you wish you were right now? : @ home

Can you dance? : yeahh.. long time ago
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth? : dunno, never try
Can you whistle? : yup
Write with both hands? : no
Walk with your toes curled? : hahh?!! no

Do you believe there is life on other planets? : yup
Do you believe in miracles? : depends
Do you believe in magic? : no.. i've break a few of magician's code
Love at first sight? : errmm.. let gone be bygone. ahaakks!
Do you believe in Satan? : ya
Do you believe in Santa? : i wish u a merry christmas
Do you know how to swim? : lil bit. fobia actually
Do you like roller coasters? : makes me sick
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows? : no

Have you ever been on a plane? yeah
Have you ever asked someone out? : myKinG [yang, jom g makan sate :)]
Have you ever been asked out by someone? : yeahh
Have you ever been to the ocean? : yeah
Have you ever painted your nails? : no

What is the temperature outside? : normal malaysian wheather
What radio station do you listen to? : hot.fm and sinar.fm
What was the last restaurant you ate at? : BiG plate
What was the last thing you bought? : what aa? cant remember
What was the last thing on TV you watched? : final episode of prison break. uwaaa

Who was the last person you text? : myKinG [darl, malam ni nak makan apa ek?]
Who was the last person you took a picture of? : afi @ frim
Who was the last person you said I love you to? : afi tadi masa anta dia pi taska

Ever really cried your heart out? : yeah
Ever cried yourself to sleep? : ya
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder? : yes
Ever cried over the opposite sex? : yea
Do you cry when you get an injury? : ya
Do certain songs make you cry? : 25minutes by mltr

Are you a happy person? : so far yes
What can make you happy? : myself, my environment, my family, my friends
Do you wish you were happier? : nah... i am happy enough
Can music make you happy? : sometime

How many times have you had your heart broken? : once
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them? : yes i do love someone so much, but i dont think that i will die for him. i have another part of world to be taking care of
What is your current hair color? : black and always black
Current piercings? : yeah
Have any tattoos? : no
Eye color? : brown

Favorite eye color : brown
Short or long hair : short and smart
Height : average
Best clothing : just nice

Been to jail : nope
Mooned someone : nope
Laughed so hard you cried : yeah
Cried in school : yeah
Thrown up in a store : nope
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today : yea
Gone skinny dipping : nope

Pepsi or Coke : pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King : McD
Single or Group Dates : single
Chocolate or Vanilla : choc
Strawberries or Blueberries : Strawberries
Meat or Veggies : Meat
TV or Movie : depends
Guitar or Drums? : none of them
Adidas or Nike : of course Adidas
Chinese or Mexican : none of them
Cheerios or Corn Flakes : flakes
Cake or Pie : cake
MTV or VH1 : mtv

ok, i'll tag maya, jasfyra, azura, farasila, hanim and sape2 la yg rasa nak buat. nnt i'll check your 'homework' ni tau!

Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend stories

salam all, lots of thing to update, but no time to do so. last update was the weekend stories. today's update also about my weekend. hehehehe.. story 1 saturday pagi: bangun dlm kul 6. subuh then siap2. siap nak pi mana? pi koje le. arini bestari ada sekolah ganti untuk cuti raye. so, nnt beraya sakan le ye. ekekekeke.. keje mncm biasa, balik kul 4. pi beli gorng pisang and keropok goreng panas2 plus cendol and rojak mamak, santapan di petang hari. afi tinggal dgn ayah. taktahu la dia makan apa. ayah dia, bab masak2 ni, setakat nasik goreng, telor, megi.. boleh la, lain2.. ayah akan ckp kat afi "tunggu ibu balik la". tapi kalo bab kemas, ayah is the best!!! best sgt2!!! thanks dear! sampai umah, masak air, nak buat air panas sambil menjamu selera. walaupun dah ada cendol, tea o panas tetap kena ada.. yummy! secara tiba2... jeng jeng jengg.. myKinG: sayang, ana nak gi jenjalan tak? me: jalan mana2 laa.. afi: afi nak jayan2[jalan2]. afi nak tgk dayang2[layang2] me: ok.. nnt ptg2 sikit kita pi so, it was greatttt!!! fire! otromen dtggggg!! the (dayang-dayang) kita makan sate ikan. doposen satu batang 4bijik kecikkk je sambil main belon dayang-dayang ben ten story 2 sunday morning: bekpes nasik lemak. lepak2.. kemas2 umah sikit2. main diner dash. hehehehe.. then, ptg tgk tv.. kul 4 lebih... myKinG: jom jln2 lagi nak yang? me: mana? myKinG: frim or u gor anywhere to go? me: takde. ok set frim! so, here it goes... the ticket the visitor :) the arapaima with 3metres long the tiring visitors pokok yg unik cuba teka sape main belon ni sape main belon ni? dan iniii? baru la dia dpt main sebelum balik, bagi dia main sekali. ekekekeke...
ada video nak upload, tapi error memanjang... to view more fun and pics, go to my facebook :)

salam and see ya!

Monday, July 6, 2009

weekend stories

salam all,

cik na dtg lagi [tora dtg lagi] with the fresh brand new stories and pictures taken on the weekend. last weekend i mean.

story 1: saturday early in morning, i've arrived @ ssb about 7.15am. have to bawak supporters falcons naik bas while afi and myKinG go and have their bekpes @ mamak's. yeahh, we participated in national cheerleading competition and our school team name is falcons! ok, arrived @ stadium tertutup bukit jalil around 8.30. they going to start @ 10 a.m. so, what i am doing there? i am alone have to take care for the 100++ students who came to support our team. yeahh a BiG sacrifice i've made. takpe. faham pun kawan2 lain masing2 ada hal masing. me too ;p jannah and ned mmg bz gilest tahap cipan setelkan make and all those things yg berkaitan dgn cheer. tgk a lot of team punye cheer. ok not bad. around 2, myKinG and afi arrived. i feel so happy. we have another agenda to fulfill. after tgk falcons, we have to gerak balik sg.ramal. got a few things to setel. before that, we have to attend the very-the-compulsory-birthday invitation made by myKinG's bestfriend @ cheras. after all, we all arrived sg.ramal @ 7 something. [cheer pics and birthday pics ada, tapi tak save dalam pc]
@ night.. we celebrating my dear MIL belated birthday which fall on 2 of july. selamat hari lahir mak. moga panjang umur dan sihat sentiasa. we have our dinner @ village view restaurant, bangi. the event attended by mak, me, myKinG and afi and also myKinG's bro family-apen, zura and qistina. nice view and the very nice food they surf there. nnt kena dtg lagi.

me makan takbyk pun, tapi minum air about more than 1litre. haus gilest tahap gaban.
there, my orange juice there. 2glasses :)
then balik umah sg.ramal, perut kekenyangan terus lena.

story 2: pagi2 tolong mak and myKinG jual nasik lemak dulu. kemas2 and about 1pm we going back to branang. kampung arwah my FIL. mmg kami 3branak dah lama tak balik which is sejak arwah ayah sakit2. balik pun sbb mmg dah lama tak balik and nak bawak mak pergi berubat sbb mak pun takbrapa sihat. guess what?!! yeeehaaa.. musim buah and my fav fruits just infront of the door. mangggiisssss :) yummy! 1guni macam menunggu kedatangan 'tuan' nya...

makan tak hengat!

ada manggis, ada rambutan ada pulasan
pokok rambutanku...

ok.. cerita dan gmbr selanjutnya in my facebook :)


Friday, July 3, 2009

tag again

salam all,

here the tag. its come from zuera 's blog. she tagged me and i am so welcome. ada lagi satu tag, yg tu kiv dulu ye dear... nak release tensen dgn yg ni dulu..

123 go!

Tempat pertemuan anda dan suami utk pertama kalinya?
kolej : masa tu nama kolej tu L&G Twintech, skrg dah tukau IUCTT. dia lecturer, tapi tak ngajar saya pun. saya lak student degree baru. umur dia pun tua setahun je dari saya, sama ada dia cepat jadik lecturer atau saya yg dah tua ni baru nak masuk blaja. ekekkekekeke.

Pandangan peribadi anda terhadap sikap atau ciri2 pada dirinya ketika mula2 berkenalan?
dia lain dari yang lai, walaupun masa tu saya dah ada orang lain. akakakakakaakaka

Tempat ‘dating’ di mana dia meluahkan perasaan pada anda?
mamak's. cool what!!!

Berapa lama hubungan anda hingga ke jinjang pelamin?
jap je.. setahun lebih jek. lepas dia rindu dendam kat saya yg dulunya asik travel je keje saya.

Berapa lama usia perkahwinan anda sekarang?
4 tahun lorrr

Kejutan yg pernah dia buat pada anda?
yg paling terkejut and amazed and suprised sgt bila... errmm... nak cite yg mna satu ek? byk jugak ni..

Perancangan anda dan dia dlm rumahtangga …
rumahtangga kami rukun damai hingga hujung nyawa dan diberkati serta dipermudahkan Allah. bahagia bersama semua anggota keluarga :)

Bagaimana dia melayani karenah anak2?
tegas tetapi sgt penyayang

Hubungan suami anda dengan keluarga sebelah anda?

kepada nama di bwh,sila buat tag ni:
sape2 lagi la yg rajin buat.