Wednesday, June 24, 2009

me @ facebook

salam all,

it's not to forget about my dear blog. but now, me happy using the facebook thingy. easy and fast. if u guys really wanna see me updated, visit or add me @ my facebook.

few things about facebook in my point of view:
* 1st time invited, i really ignored it. lots of applications to install. malas, rasa mcm mess up je.
* myKinG said, dont be too active in this kind of thingy such as facebook, friendster and myspace.
* now, i feel it very easy and really fast to update pictures or anything about myself.
* can connected and even meet my long lost old buddies. [very nostalgic]
* updated [kalo rajin le]
* and else.. can communicate faster with friends!

my lovely reader, if you got facebook, you can add me or leave your emel add so that i can add you. my latest tiny update will always there for you.

salam and thanks! will update my blog jugak sooner!

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