Thursday, June 18, 2009

a lot of stories to update - and i am so lazy

salam all,

first of ALL, this entry is specially dedicated to MR. RAO . my student who really want me to update my blog. (he is my silent reader maybe).
to rao, thanks for the support. but as i told u, feel lazy to do so. but, i dont wanna make u down, this is totally dedicated to u. will write part of me and part about u. allow me yeah!

vpresanthrao.. my chief de mission for this yearbook 2009. rao, are you sure we can complete our mission before the school ends? i gotta lots of things in my top priority and of course you also bz with your concert's practice. we both getting very busy right now. but please pray to GOD yeah.. we'll start our designing after the hari anugerah finish. ok?

vpresanthrao.. u such a very good students with the full knowledge of computer's thingy. i salute u. (because your dad own a software house) :) but then, i really appreciate that u always share your knowledges and infos with me. getting to know you closer so that i can apply my old job from your dad.. ekekekeke.. [just joking].

vpresanthrao.. is a head librian od ssb. handsome indian boy. good looking and always in a good attire. that's very good boy. maintain yeah.

and what else?

the pic of u.. may i upload your pic here? if i can do so, let me know. i'll upload one.

not only students can thank to their teachers, but teachers also can thank to their students, right rao? so, i wanna thank u cause give me support to update my blog, help me around with the yearbook planning and other things that i cant mention here. [if any of my students read this, dont feel kecik hati ok.. you all semua mmg sgt baik, but for this entry is only dedicated to rao]. and grats for the sketsa on the teacher's day. it's really awesome and great!

and as for me, what to tell about?

sekolah dah mula hampir seminggu. keje? takyah ckp le.. mmg byk. tapi still boleh manage. mmg sgt risaukan yearbook. helmy belum up kan pc untuk yearbook, dah byk kali jugak pesan, tapi dia pun sibuk hal2 lain. camana ni?

afi? still not going to taska.. sambung cuti lagi sbb wan dia ada kat sini. so, afi duduk dgn wan. nanti wan balik trg, mmg meraung le afi nak pi taska, masak ranum la ibu nak anta afi ke taska.

my adidas sandal? belum pakai lagi yg baru. masih pakai yg lama. sebab? ntah.. still love the old one.

ok rao and the rest, i heard the kompang sound. got to go and snap a material for my video - the making of the concert. see yaa..


v presanth rao said...

Eh, cikgu malu lah saya !!! betul tau... Thanks alot, cikgu ! i will not disappoint you... WE will do it, TOGETHER !!! :D

PS: Pic ? Boleh juga, apa salahnya ? Tapi, yg smart smart...taw !!!! :D

cik na said...

hahaha rao.. malu konon! k, will upload your pic!

Softtouch [Hanim] said...

Sibuk yer. Patut la mcm lama xupdate. Cikgu yer?Dah start sekolah, subuklah sket kan.