Tuesday, June 30, 2009

why me must be lazy?

salam all,

nowadays, me busy with my facebook. upload the pics there. so fast and easy. thanks for the team who developed the facebook!

what to tell? a few story about my last weekend and my dear hanafi..

story 1
saturday, early in the morning, afi woke me up
afi : ibu, bangun laa
me : tadi ibu dah bangun dah. bagi la ibu sambung tido jap
afi : afi nak tengok paknil[aznil] ni ibu..
me : pagi2 mana ada paknil
afi : ada.. ibu bukak la tv kita tgk sama2 nak tak?
me : taknak
afi : nak laa ibu [and suddenly he cried-what to do?]
me go and switch on the tv laa :(

morning to afternoon
me, myKinG and afi kemas2 umah.. setel byk mende jugak la. me managed to vacuumed, mopped and even mcm2 lagi la yg mmg mcm BiG project nye kemas umah. and about 2.30 almost three.. it's lunch time. where to go? as usual, sabtu or ahad is masa untuk bwk afi gi jalan2. yeah, we decided to have our lunch @ the curve. terasa mcm nak makan kenny rogers roaster pulak. ok, drive all the way to curve.
dah sampai, terus ke tempat dituju. ada market @ the walk. afi sgt teruja tgk brg2 ben 10 yg terjual. alamak aiii.. nak makan pun taksenang. afi mkn byk. alhamdulillah, afi menunjukkan 'reputasi' yang sgt baik kerana senang makan apa jua food.
lepas curve, we walked through the brigde to go to ikano power centre. jln2. pegi animal world ke apa ntah. afi excited gila. shopping a few 'unwanted' things :)
then we straight away gi carrefour kepong. memula saje je nak cari bahan2 wat kek.. haaa amek ko, mcm2 beli... ekekekeke..
balik, umah. afi penat. tapi nak jugak tgk paknil dia [jangan lupa lirik]..
afi @ umah anyah ngah, dungun, trg.
story 2
sunday, biasanya sunday is the day for me gosok baju, masak2 while afi and myKinG spend their precious time together. tapi this sunday mcm byk jugak keje lain, baju ditangguhkan ke malam hari.. petang pi cuci gambar afi. +- ada 200pcs of pictures. aduh sakit pinggang ibu masukkan gmbr2 ni dlm album. malam, afi nak tgk paknil lagi :)

story 3
pada satu ptg yg mulia, me amek afi @ taska..
me: afi wat apa kat taska arini
afi: afi solat pastu kire ati
me: solat... bagus anak ibu. afi kire ati apa?
afi: kire ati ya[la] ibu.. apa ya[la] ibu ni..
me: mana ibu tau.. afi kire ati apa?
afi: kire ati [sambil diteran2 suaranya]
me: [suddenly teringat]... ooo... bukan kire ati, qira'ati.. hahahahaa.. kamarul afi.. ooo kamarul afi
afi: kamayor[kamarul] ibu ooo kamayor[kamarul] ibu...
afi and maklang
story 4
satu ptg yg mulia jugak @ home
afi: ibu, afi nak ber*k yaa
me: ok, bukak seluar. masuk bilik air.. amik sendiri tempat ber*k afi tu.
[afi mcm lmbat2 je]
me: afi cepat la.. jgn la main2
afi: ibu, afi nak kena baca doa masuk bilik air duyu[dulu] yaa[la]
me: ok, cepat baca..
afi: bismillah.. jantan jantan, betina... amin..
me: [huhhhh!!! nak gelak ke nak betulkan ke.. camana ni anakanda beta ni.. tapi mmg gelak la jugak.. intonasi afi tu mcm klakar je.. mcm bunyi nye, kalo jantan, masuk toilet jantan, betina pi tempat betina. akakakakakaka.. apa ya[la] afi ni]

itulah antara secebis kisah afi untuk minggu ni.. ibu sayanggg afi. nnt kita cite lagi pasal afi ek..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100 truth part 1

salam all,

100 truth part 1.

i enjoying myself reading one of this blog. a lot of tag thingy. love it. its really fun. i copy one, and i tag myself [as usual]. and also got the plus minus similar tag in my facebook [ada jugak soalan yg lain, ada jugak yg sama. tapi best bila time2 'gila' mcm ni]. will copy and also will note myself a.s.a.p in my facebook!

ok... ready to read my 100 truth? on your mark, get set go!

001. Real Name : saFFiza hana
002. Nickname(s) : ci na, na, hana, ana
003. Age : going 30
004. Horoscope : leo the lion
005. Gender : female
006. Elementary :
007. Primary School : SRSS(1), K.Trg
008. Secondary School : SMSS, K.Trg
009. College : aim, iuctt
010. Hair Colour : brownish black
011. Hair Length : long
012. Loud Or Quiet : depends on my mood
013. Sweats or Jeans : jeans
014. Phone or Camera : camera phone
015. Health Freak : sometimes
016. Drink or Smoke : none
017. Do you have a crush on someone : not sure
018. Eat or Drink : drink
019. Piercings : 1 pair
020. Tattoos : no
021. Social or Anti-Social : err.. both maybe?
022. Righty or lefty : righty
023. First Piercing : ears
024. First Relationship : form 4
025. First Best Friend : norazilah ismail
026. First Award : 100m, 200m, 4x100m, 4x200m - primary sports day
027. First Kiss : my baby time!
028. First Pet : cats
029. First Big Vacation : can't recall. langkawi maybe
030. First love at first sight : none
031. First Big Birthday : 7years old
032. First Surgery : 1 and a 1/2years old - my lutut
033. First sport you joined : athletic and in the same time netball
034. Orange or Apple juice : orange
035. Rock or Rap : rock
036. Country or Screamo : country
037. N-SYNC or Backstreet Boys : both :)
038. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera : none
039. Night or Day : day
040. Sun or Moon : sun
041. TV or Internet : internet
042. Playstation or Xbox : psp :)
043. Kiss or Hug : both
044. Iguana or Turtle : turtle
045. Spider or Bee : none
046. Fall or Spring : spring
047. Limewire or iTunes : none
048. Soccer or Baseball : soccer :)
049. Eating : normal
050. Drinking : normal
051. Excitement level : under control :)
052. Im about to : going home
053. Listening to: everlasting love by gerard jolling
054. Plans for today: depends to my hubby, fulfill the dinner invitation maybe
055. Waiting for : nothing
056. Energy level : superb
057. Thinking about someone : hanafi @ taska
058. Want kids : of course
059. Want to get married : married already
060. When : ?
061. How many kids do you want : 3 or 4 maybe
062. Any name in mind : iskandar..
063. is missing (???) : watching deperate housewives last night
064. is missing : someone, u mean?
065. Mellow future or Wild : wild
066. Something you would never try : lots
067. Which is better in a boy : personality
068. Lips or Eyes : eyes
069. Romantic or Funny : both
070. is missing : ?
071. Protective or Caring : both
072. Romantic or Spontaneous : both
073. Nice stomach or Nice Arms : both
074. Sensitive or Loud : both
075. Hook-up or Relationship : relationship
076. Trouble-maker or Hesitant : trouble-maker :)
077. Muscular or normal : normal
078. Kissed a stranger : no
079. Broken a bone : no
080. Lost glasses/ contacts : didnt wear
081. Ran away from home : never
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense : yup, knife.
083. Killed somebody : no
084. Broken someone's heart : yeah.. once. so sorry for that.
085. Had your heart broken : no
086. Been arrested : no
087. Cried when someone died : my father in-law
088. Liked a friend more than a friend : never
089. Do you believe in yourself : yup
090. Miracles : exist
091. is missing ??? : again?
092. Heaven : sure (:
093. When do you want to die : when i have no sins.
094. Tooth Fairy : doesn't exist
095. Kiss on a first date : no
096. Angels : good
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now : my heroes
098. Are you seriously happy with your life right now : yes, alhamdulillah
099. Do you believe in God : ya
100. Will you post this as 100 truths and tag 10 people : not so sure. sape2 nak buat, buat la.. hehehe


me @ facebook

salam all,

it's not to forget about my dear blog. but now, me happy using the facebook thingy. easy and fast. if u guys really wanna see me updated, visit or add me @ my facebook.

few things about facebook in my point of view:
* 1st time invited, i really ignored it. lots of applications to install. malas, rasa mcm mess up je.
* myKinG said, dont be too active in this kind of thingy such as facebook, friendster and myspace.
* now, i feel it very easy and really fast to update pictures or anything about myself.
* can connected and even meet my long lost old buddies. [very nostalgic]
* updated [kalo rajin le]
* and else.. can communicate faster with friends!

my lovely reader, if you got facebook, you can add me or leave your emel add so that i can add you. my latest tiny update will always there for you.

salam and thanks! will update my blog jugak sooner!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a lot of stories to update - and i am so lazy

salam all,

first of ALL, this entry is specially dedicated to MR. RAO . my student who really want me to update my blog. (he is my silent reader maybe).
to rao, thanks for the support. but as i told u, feel lazy to do so. but, i dont wanna make u down, this is totally dedicated to u. will write part of me and part about u. allow me yeah!

vpresanthrao.. my chief de mission for this yearbook 2009. rao, are you sure we can complete our mission before the school ends? i gotta lots of things in my top priority and of course you also bz with your concert's practice. we both getting very busy right now. but please pray to GOD yeah.. we'll start our designing after the hari anugerah finish. ok?

vpresanthrao.. u such a very good students with the full knowledge of computer's thingy. i salute u. (because your dad own a software house) :) but then, i really appreciate that u always share your knowledges and infos with me. getting to know you closer so that i can apply my old job from your dad.. ekekekeke.. [just joking].

vpresanthrao.. is a head librian od ssb. handsome indian boy. good looking and always in a good attire. that's very good boy. maintain yeah.

and what else?

the pic of u.. may i upload your pic here? if i can do so, let me know. i'll upload one.

not only students can thank to their teachers, but teachers also can thank to their students, right rao? so, i wanna thank u cause give me support to update my blog, help me around with the yearbook planning and other things that i cant mention here. [if any of my students read this, dont feel kecik hati ok.. you all semua mmg sgt baik, but for this entry is only dedicated to rao]. and grats for the sketsa on the teacher's day. it's really awesome and great!

and as for me, what to tell about?

sekolah dah mula hampir seminggu. keje? takyah ckp le.. mmg byk. tapi still boleh manage. mmg sgt risaukan yearbook. helmy belum up kan pc untuk yearbook, dah byk kali jugak pesan, tapi dia pun sibuk hal2 lain. camana ni?

afi? still not going to taska.. sambung cuti lagi sbb wan dia ada kat sini. so, afi duduk dgn wan. nanti wan balik trg, mmg meraung le afi nak pi taska, masak ranum la ibu nak anta afi ke taska.

my adidas sandal? belum pakai lagi yg baru. masih pakai yg lama. sebab? ntah.. still love the old one.

ok rao and the rest, i heard the kompang sound. got to go and snap a material for my video - the making of the concert. see yaa..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

adidas. again?

salam all,

last saturday, me ang myKinG rewang2 satu bdr k.t. ada bunting tepi jln, arena sale.. arena sale. adidas products sale up to 50%. fuh.. menarik ni. zaman skul dulu, whenever i need my sport stuff especially adidas, this is the shop i went. yeah.. the condition still the same. but the products getting more and more. really nice.
kotak pun kami buat koleksi. paper beg apatah lagi :)
we spent almost 1 hour there. thank GOD, the only interest that we share is collect, buy and use the adidas! why? do know. i love adidas since i am @ secondary till now. aritu me baru je beli kasut futsal adidas. kali ni kita window je. woopss... how come? mesti kena beli jugak. yeahh...

i have to change my old adidas sandal yg dah agak tua but yet byk berjasa to me. the sandal almost nak 10years. harga takyah ckp la.. tapi sgt berbaloi untuk jangka masa yang SGT panjang. and kenapa sandal adidas? taknmpk boyish or tomboy ke? errmm.. no matter what, but i feel so conmfortable yet i really love adidas. can u see my old adidas sandal. any comments?
what say u? dare to wear?
and capture from above
masih boleh dipakai, cuma nampak a bit buruk. takope ye awak, kita akan pakai awak lagi. kita takbuang awak. awak byk jasa kat kita..
dan diganti dgn yg ini. nmpk more to ladies style with pink color. yeahhh!!! go cik na rock!!!
bertambah lagi koleksi adidas ku, makin sakit kepala suami ku
harap2 selipar ni akan berjasa dlm jangka masa yg lama jugak macam yg lama tu :(. sedey pulak tukar sandal..


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

cerita cuti-cuti malaysia

salam all,

afi and family were here @ trg now. rest and relax. and for today's entry, these pics will tell u all. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CURSOR ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE TEXT. the story might be got part II, III and so forth... we will see...

sate ikan... dulu seposen sebatang ada 3bijik. skrg 4bijik sebatang doposen. my feveret. korg try la.. myKinG pun dah suka sgt ni. antara menu wajib bila balik trg. selain dr nasik dagang chendering and seafood celup tepung
seken round. tmpt yg kompem boleh dpt ni is @ psr payang. tmpt wajib me and myKinG g kalo balik trg. sblm naik psr, beli 2hengget. turun psr, beli lagi 2hengget. suami isteri berebut makan sate ikan ni. gerenti sedap! ada 2jenis kuah, satu kuah pedas, satu kuah manis. yg manis tu untuk budak2 la sbb kuah tu takpedas. sape dtg try, trg ni, pasti tak menyesal.
sotong nye mana? udang nye? ikan and ketam mana? woopss.. gmbr selepas je.. yg sebelum ngap tu takteringat lgsg. maap ye tuan2 dan puan2.. @ teluk ketapang. harga seafood kat sini pun mostly dah up. what to do? nak makan nye pasal. ni pi dgn daddy, mommy, hani, wan, myKinG, afi and me.
afi seksi yang mmg takkan lepaskan peluang untuk horse riding. hani takmo naik..
permandangan dr luar pagar dawai airport trg. lepas setel makan2, me and myKinG round airport. [afi naik car daddy dgn semua org. me dating dgn myKinG.

fyi, area ni dekat dgn stadium yg runtuh tu. actually we were so glad dpt jln2 @ that area. ye la.. sejak sukma, takde pun jln2 tgk kompleks sukan tu. mmg both of us soooo excited tgk stadium tu. it was last saturday. mmg chantek stadium nya. nmpk gah dr tepi jln. sape sangka, lepas kitorg tgk kecanggihan binaan stadium tu, alih2 dia runtuh lak. hrp2 nxtime takde lagi kejadian sama berulang.

terengganu - negeri cantik, budaya menarik.

see ya' @ next entry.