Friday, May 8, 2009

mother's day contest by twinshappiness

salam all,

here it goes...

May is the Special month to everyone, this is special month for me too. My last giveaway was in Nov, I am happy to tell you this month one Winner get the chance to get away with this cute QQ backpack. I am sorry to say that this contest is only open to blogger with address in Malaysia as I cannot afford to ship outside country.

The QQ backpack, it has several compartments. Included are a large zippered compartment, outside compartment with overlap closure. This backpack can be worn over 1 arm/shoulder comfortably.

Measurements: 7″x9″x2″. Shoulder strap expand to 42″

Easy as one to three to take part in this contest, all you need to do is post this contest and link to this post AND link to Twins Happiness (the home page). Remember to comment in this post with your link of the contest.

mother's day contest by twinshappiness
sape2 lagi yang nak menang backpack yang comey ni, sila klik SINI!!! selamat mencuba nasib untuk benang [bak kata afi laa...]

wanna win.. wanna win... yippieee!!!



TH said...

thank you for take part, good luck. oh yeah.. link sini tolong put

hehe.. sebab.. post kamu x ada link ke contest :)

the owner said...

oo yeke.. takperasaan beta... heheheh

TH said...

yay dah betul :) good luck

joegrimjow said...

boley d cobee

joegrimjow said...

ku pon samew!!

T.H said...

find out if you won