Friday, April 3, 2009

one drop perfumes

salam all,

cik na is going to start a new biz. biz kain masih berjalan due to request. now i got new one called one drop perfumes. semua org pun pernah dgr kan. nak order just tinggalkan comment or bgtau kat my shoutout box. syaratnye satu je, bila order dah lebih dr 10 then baru i order from kilang. so, nak kena cukupkan korum dulu la kalo buleh. lain2 pertanyaan, sila tinggalkan di comment area or shoutout box me. Ianya halal, dijamin tanpa alkohol.

Fine Fragrances Like No Other

Distinctive Scents and More Powerful Than Over-the-Counter Perfumes
Pure Fragrance Without Alcoholic Compound, Water Nor Other Commercial Fillers
Inspired By Top Designers' Perfumes
Lasting Throughout The Day With Only One Application
2.75ml x 8 Perfumes Variety in Every Pack
Roll-On Bottles For Convenient Usage
Handy Packaging And Portable
The Best Value for Money For Smelling Great Without Excessive Spending
Over 100,000 Satisfied Users in South East Asia and Growing Strongly Worldwide

for women
Set 1 for WOMEN - RM40
Inspired by Escape, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Romance LPV, Ralph Lauren
Inspired by Pleasure, Estee Lauder
Inspired by Jennifer, Jennifer Lopez
Inspired by For Her, Narciso Rodrigues
Inspired by Baby Doll, Yves Saint Lauren
Inspired by Cool Water for Women, Davidoff
Inspired by Apple Blossom, Body Shop

Set 2 for WOMEN - RM40
Inspired by Tresor, Lancome
Inspired by Envy, Gucci
Inspired by Heaven, One Drop Perfumes
Inspired by Eternity for Women, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Gloria, Cacharel
Inspired by Miracle, Lancome
Inspired by J'adore, Dior
Inspired by Intense, Hugo Boss

Set 3 for WOMEN - RM40
Inspired by CK Be, Calvin Klein
Inspired by No.5, Chanel
Inspired by Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana
Inspired by Vanilla Musk, Coty
Inspired by Sunflower, Elizabeth Arden
Inspired by Women Boss, Hugo Boss
Inspired by Palace, Paris Hilton
Inspired by Poeme, Lancome

Set 4 for WOMEN - RM40
Inspired by Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel
Inspired by Aqua di Gio (Women), Giorgio Armani
Inspired by Lolita Lempicka, Lolita Lempicka
Inspired by Baby Jesz, One Drop
Inspired by Gold, Amouage
Inspired by Montana "Parfum de Peau", Montana
Inspired by Yohji, Yohji Yamamoto
Inspired by Amarige, Givenchy

for men

Set 1 for MEN - RM40
Inspired by Blue Jeans, Versace
Inspired by CK One, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Eternity, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Polo Sport, Ralph Lauren
Inspired by Acqua di Gio, Calvin Klein
Inspired by Issey Miyaki, Issey Miyaki
Inspired by Hugo Men, Hugo Boss
Inspired by Pour Homme, Paco Rabbane

Set 2 for MEN - RM40
Inspired by Boss Signature, Hugo Boss
Inspired by Tuscany per Uomo, Aramis
Inspired by Cool Water, Davidoff
Inspired by Drakkar Noir, Guy Laroche
Inspired by L'Eau d'lssey pour Homme, Issey Miyake
Inspired by Allure Pour Homme, Chanel
Inspired by Le Male, J.P. Gaultier
Inspired by Pleasures for Men, Estee Lauder

men celebrities' special - RM45

MEN Celebrities' Special
Inspired by Instinct, David Beckham
Inspired by Unforgivable, Sean John
Inspired by True Star, Enrique Iglesias
Inspired by Jordan, Michael Jordan
Inspired by Adventure, Ewan McGregor
Inspired by Life, Adre Agassi
Inspired by Blue Seduction, Antonio Banderas
Inspired by He, Usher

women celebrities' special - RM45

WOMEN Celebrities' Special
Inspired by M, Mariah Carey
Inspired by Lovely, Sarah Jessica Parker
Inspired by Curious, Britney Spears
Inspired by Kate, Kate Moss
Inspired by Show Time, Kylie Minoque
Inspired by Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton
Inspired by Black Pearl, Elizabeth Taylor
Inspired by Glow, Jennifer Lopez

wait no more!! give yourself a small treat and start impressing those around you with a sheer fabulous scent that lasts throughout the day.
harap sudilah kiranya tuan puan meng'order'nya drpd saya... sekian.


Jasfyra said...

owh, jual peefume ni ye.k.long dah beli kan.leh tukar2 bau perfume yang berbeza setiap hari

cik na shohaili said...

tolong la promote kan sis... heheheheh

Jasfyra said...

wokeh no prob..sapa2 nak nanti leh order kt ana

sWeEtdARLinG said...

tahniah tuk bisnes... aku pun ada jual kat opis ni, kawan aku punya

Anonymous said...

aku try je... ada rezeki ada laa... tapi kalo buleh nak serious sikit kali ni...

-cik na-