Wednesday, April 1, 2009

life getting so busy

salam all,

as the title "life getting so busy" yet not enough time to spend in front of the laptop surfing, blogging, fotopaging, emailing and other thing connected to the net. and life getting miserable time by time *sigh* not that so called miserable but just feel like i'm losing something that very meaningful in my life, and to bne exact - my marriage life with the very great father-inlaw i ever had -. semoga roh ayah dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang soleh. alhamdulillah, as i mentioned in my post before, semua urusan pengebumian ayah berjalan lancar. thanks to all whoever wish us their condolences, sympathy and sorry for the lost. thanks for the caring.

school stuffs - there's a lot of thing i put on hold. pending job. why? i can do the multitasks but it seem like i'm too slow than the snail or than the kura-kura. a few things to recall: ...meeting for yearbook editorial board (keep pending because a lot of things need to settle down first) ..buku program sports day (in progress-tapi lmbt jugak sbb nak kena tunggu info from others) for hari anugerah bestari(totally byk for this year because for the concert, we need a lot of video materials to make the concert as perfect as they requested) ..prepare exam paper for mid-term ..nsw computer skills exam ..lesson plans ..material for lessons ..huhhh!!! look like not that much, but who can tell? i try to make sure everything will end up perfectly.

hanafi - long time dah tak cite pasal hanafi. hanafi dah BiG boy skrg. 2 and a half year. 6bulan lagi afi will grow up to 3yeras old. then it means 3year i became such a caring mother to him. caring? yeahh i am. but these days afi suka gaduh dgn ibu and the worst is, sometimes afi fight ibu without any reasons. pity me.. :(( myKinG said, ibu suka sakat afi. errmmm... yeah little bit plus little plus little much more. muakakakakaka... tak sakat tak fun. ahaks! afi mmg kaki gaduh. huhhh... alhamdulillah, anta afi kat taska hasanah, afi dah lancar baca doa makan. doa-doa lain such as masuk kelaur tandas, doa selepas makan masih gagap lagi. tapi cikgu taska kata afi boleh dah baca.. errmmm alhamdulillah. afi pun dah tau solat sikit2. walaupun taktahu baca, tapi afi tau apa tu rukuk (bila suruh dia rukuk, then dia akan rukuk) and semua la.. and sgt comey bila afi duduk tahyat akhir, jari telunjuk dia tunjuk mcm kita solat... jari dia kecik... tu yg nmpk comey sgt tu.

else? errmmm... nothing much to say. got class to attend. 3 slots straight. till then, salam and take care!

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