Friday, February 13, 2009

terkenang semasa dulu ... cik na's version

salam all,

just wanna refresh my mind with all those memories that i've left behind. actually, this article i just copy and paste from my old blog in my myspace. little bit alteration to make it sweet and sour and interesting.
just flashback my old days @ my negeri penyu bertelur and my proud school SMSS but now known as SMKSS where our Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan was the headboy during his senior year in school. what a proud school yeah..
for those yang bersekolah di zaman 70-80an :) sorry to the late 'comers'. all our memoriesss...... Those OLD days!! You grew up watching he-man, transformers, thundercats, silver hawk, space cop gaban, ultraman and nighty mouse. not to forget, ninja turtles, mask riders and smurfs too. you grew up brushing your teeth with a mug in primary school after recess time. you squatted by a drain with all your classmates beside you, and brushed your teeth with a colourful mug.
remember the days when the school nurse comes with a list for the dentist appointments, the sound of the drilling when your friend has a fill in his tooth.
you remember the packets of milk (projeck susu segar or projek susu sekolah) and milo we get in primary school to encourage us to drink more milk. and when we had to line up just to get one cup, and some of us would line up again for another cup of cold milo. and remember we use to buy susu sekolah and get stomach-ache the next day. during primary (some KBSR & 3M) school days, the teacher will punish you using a long ruler to hit your palm. a bowl of noodle soupcost only 50cent in primary school days.
when you were in primary school, girls like to go to the bookshop to buy cute stuff such as animal erasers, sharpeners, notebook etc. play with these paper doll... with all the paper clothes.. etc etc..
in secondary (some KBSM) school, girls go to the library to borrow their favourite romance storybook. In secondary school, girls altered their school skirt to shorten it and guys will go to the school appointed school uniform tailor shop to tailor make their school trousers to the then fashionable "baggy pants" , or the GQ one with all the 'batik' or buckle at the edge of the pocket! the straight cut jeans.. or codroy... in secondary school days, you buy the bata bm turbo school shoes. Some guys like to wear those china made ankle high shoes. Some even like to wear those very thick socks with their school shoes. remember the panda, carefree or warrior shoes.. :)
internet? e-mail? what the hell is that? so you thought a decade or more ago. your friends don't have pagers or handphones in school. CDs? What's that? cassette tapes were the norm. movie tickets used to cost less than $5 last time. there is no KLCC.. to be exact @ kuala terengganu, there is no Astaka, Mydin Mall or Giant. Bus stand or Plaza, Hock Kee Seng, Pusat Beli Belah the only place we have.. The goodies from Mamak shop used to be Mamee, Ka ka, Kum Kum, Ding Dang choco balls (with toys in the box) + the mat sentul voices as a jingle, colourful hard "egg", "cigerette" chocolate, pink bottle of bubbles, and small tubes with yellow sticks to blow "more lasting" bubbles that you can pop more air in or slam it on. You never forget 'Ti Kam'.
when exams are over, there no such things of board games like UNO, Monopoly, CLUEDO & hand held video games will be all over the class room. there is only the girls will start playing 'batu seremban'. guys with 'tudung botol oren' your favourite sound is the bell! For it's the homemade ice cream man. the cream that tops Haagan Dazs! The pink colour ice-cream with eyes plus a wide smile. another bell is the recess bell, a time to get away from school work and to eat and go to ke ko-op or koperasi sekolah.
another time when there is no bell but all guys will anxiously wait for it... the PJ time, nowadays known as PE (time for football!!) your favourite childhood games were playing "guli"(marbles), five stones, zero-point, catching, and/or "Pepsi-Cola one two three"! the best thirst quencher of all times is the yummy colourful ice tubes you can buy from provision shops. to eat them, break the tab and suck while holding the freezing tube! ice cream poli! All gals had barbie dolls, My Little Pony, pound puppy, Polly Pocket and etc, while all boys had star wars figurines or a rubber band catapult that shoots folded paper or eraser bits.

once was the era whereby ice-cream sticks were valueable items, than came the paperaircrafts, chalk fights. everyone envied the class monitor and his assitant, cos they were the ones who came up with the daily duty roster, giving names to teacher on who makes the most noise and who's running around the class. the elite group are the prefects, the one with license to move around, they consider themselves above the law when not many students actually listened to them, and that's when the PK Hem comes in. some boys made their own guns from wood,and used 'Bacali' or 'Kacang Hijau' as the bullets. Some even used matches to shoot and burn kids'lanterns during latern festival.. and you also rather to 'ponteng sekolah' juz to watch final episod of Moero Attack .. miss that much.. summersault berkembar...hehehe.. still remember this one..
not also forget about the boys yg suka panjat pagar sekolah and go the kedai 'mok me'. apa yang best sgt kat kedai mok me tu apa pun i never know. my bro also used to to kedai mok me, panjat pagar at the lower six block there.
lepak at art room, lepak at band room, kantin sekolah yang macam best, murah compare to this years now.
now, i am a teacher. miss a lot of memories at that moment. miss all the friends. miss that moment very much!!!
there's a lot of memories to be refresh during these days. the school days was the very precious and the greatest moment of all.
the names that still in my mind (for those yg tak ditulis di sini, harap tidak kecil hati ye... byk sgt names to remember and there is about a decade to remember all). i try to list all the names, sulaimanians out there also can add the names in the comments area yeahh!!!

the girls: ana|farajuita|maya|faradafina|zumy|liza|lizard|azura|mimi suliana|mimie karmila|maziana|asmaliza|chella|syima|ina|aiza|salfarina|shake|tiza|zatil hafizah|zuhaida|edlina|sarina|eni|tini|jani|sheira|dayah rafie|dayah hamzah|(tomda|shikin|jan|nyex|suella|maz|azie|karmilaa|hasfa|mimi herdawati|amelia|zehan|ha|ezlin|fahrizan|ida|marlini|
the boys:haneef|azahari|hasanudin|cik din|rino|mazhar|short|shairul|bojeng|pian besi|kitchain|yuzan|imree|rosaimi|rozaimi|arif|bidin|mat yie|edmizi|risham|hafzi|shahruni|

ada list yg ingat2 lupa... sape2 yg ingat. leh tambah ye. untuk refresh kawan2 dan kenangan lama je.

once sulaimanians... forever sulaimanians... (rizal's tagline)
Cheers to the 70's..80's babies... WE RULE THIS WORLD! -dari seorg sahabat-

thanks a lot to farajuita for the photo and a few names of the sulaimanians.


Anonymous said...

isk isk isk...syok kan zaman sekolah dulu..satu yg ko lupe..hehehe ingat dok kita 2 je yg kena diri luar kelas ms bm pasal xsiap karangan?dok bersembang.,nyanyi n kaco kitchain yg suke tido dlm kelas..ingat dok kita kena diri atas bangku ms sejarah pasal xleh jwb soalan..ingat dok ms dok dok study nak spm..ko nyanyi..aku plak dok layan novel cinta..satu lg ingat dok kita suka mkn dlm kelas bw pinggan dr kantin masuk kelas.pastu kena suruh dgn cikgu ape nama tah g anta balik..ingat tak lg..ko dgn mimi dok ngorat budak lower 6 yg br masuk masa form 4 tu..last2 mimi melekat dgn sape nama budak tu?too much memories utk diingati kan....

cik na shohaili said...

ingat.. mana leh lupa tu. cikgu bm tu saje nak kena kan kita. last2 tgk.. kita jugak yg score baikkkkk nye untuk spm. subject bm pun dpt A2. sape sangka ek.. cikgu tu mmg kalut. hahahaha.. takpasal2 je cikgu yg salah.
pasal takleh jawab soalan tu, wajib le. mimie suka cite 'sejarah' dia. so aku concentrate kat mimie je la. hikhikhik.. haa.. best gilest ek tong. kita selamber je bwk pingaan kopok masuk kelas. siap goreng pisang, sos dia sekali. kadang2 makan laksa penang tu. pergghhh.. sempoi tul kita ek. hahahahaa.. ustazah jara kan yg marah kita, kalo taksilap aku le. tapi pastu kita buat balik. ooh... lower 6 tu, mimie ngorat kamal. aku dgn azizi.. tapi pastu karmilaa kawan dgn azizi, aku pun malas le rebut2 ni. blah le. takheran sgt, masa tu dah kenal a.j pun. tapi karmilaa pun takkawen gak dgn azizi. (maaf ye karmilaa kalo terbaca ni, saje je ungkap kisah lama... best ooo). kin dgn anuar (anuar tu la minat sgt kat kin). hahahaha.. nuar tu dah jadik ustaz skrg tau. aku dgn kamal kontek lagi. tapi takselalu la.
mmg byk kenangan.. kita sambut bday. best kan.. kelas kita dah ok dah. ada zumy, sharliza, sarvina, elizabeth, eni.. semua baik2.. kita je yg spoil kan kelas kita. hakhakhak... mengong kita.

sWeEtdARLinG said...

oiii kat mana background ko amek ni...?? aku tak ingat SMSS ada dinding cenggini...

cik na shohaili said...

haa... tu la ko tak tahu... nmpk sgt ko tu pelarian je kat smss tu.. tiap2 pagi ptg lalu 3tahun berturut2 pun tak perasan. hampeh ko. background ni leh tukar2... hahahah...

ni masa form 4 kot. aku pun takde la nak sure sgt. skrg dinding tu takde dah.. at least ada gak kenangan 'antik' aku dgn sekolah tu. hahahaha..

fara said...

ape la ko ni ana..
gambor kita kat dinding tu ms kita form 5 la...!ms tu lukisan tu br je kita le yg rasmi dulu posing maut kat situ....bab2 posing kite la juarenye...ala ms tu kan kita tution kat sek..gambar ni ms dok tunggu nak masuk kelas le..tengah2 panas pun sanggup amik gambar asalkan namanya kenangan kan..tu la mak ayah anta g tution,kita berposing..ape nak jd ni...last2 jd manusia gak kita kan...itu la org lain sure jeles dgn kita kan psl amik gambar kat lukisan tu...hehehehehe