Thursday, January 8, 2009

my FIL @ ijn

salam all,

since december, my fil warded for his heart attack. 1st, he was @ serdang hospital. condition quite critical. emergency - icu - ccu and after more than 10 days baru move to ward biasa. doc ckp my fil sgt2 kuat.. yes, he is. semangat dia mmg kuat.

then, after a few days balik rumah, he still taksihat... maybe takselesa.. pernafasan pun tersekat2, takleh tido.. mmg kesian sgt. then he was admitted @ ijn, kl. dalam 10days jugak... then, after have a few "alterations", alhamdulillah, dia nampak sihat. but, 2malam je kat rumah, my fil still semput, nafas pun tersekat. hantar balik ijn.

he is about 64years old. takpenah ada sakit apa2. very active person yet sporting fil. hope he will recover soon. really miss him to be @ home. friends, please pray for him...


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aFkaR'z said...

hopefully dia cepat sihat...