Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year

salam all...

wish u all a very happy new year. tahun hijrah and tahun ribu riban ni.. good bye 2008, welcome to 2009.

thinking about the new year, secara takrasmi nye terpikir jugak pasal azam or harapan tahun baru. tapi semua mende2 ni macam cerita lama.. bila masuk tahun baru je, tanye azam baru, tanya harapan di tahun yg baru.

tapi for me, yesterday... i was thinking... my new year wish... tak byk... cuma harap byk perkara yg dilakukan akan dipermudahkan dan diredhai Allah. memandangkan byk jawatan yg disandang @ ssb for this 2009, harap semua kerja dipermudahkan urusannya. and harapnya kawan2 dan seniors @ ssb ni akan bagi kerjasama untuk setiap task yg nak dilaksanakan. (skema gila ayat..).

as i said yesterday, timetable for 2009 agak tough. takbyk slot free. kalo ada pun mesti bz untuk prepare notes for students and keje2 lain... time for blogging pun maybe going to be so limited. insyaAllah, i'll try to manage my time sebaik2 mungkin.

ok, got to stop. maybe will take some time to settle kan tagssss from maya.

ok all, having a nice new year holiday. take care.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ibu go to work, afi go to taska

salam all,

we meet again thru the cyber world. nothing much to say. actually my blog dah lama menyepikan diri. macam owner nye jugak. sbb cuti sekolah kan, blog pun bercuti la..

today, ssb teachers kena dtg sekolah. ada staff meeting and also form teachers are involved for the pmr result's announcement. i am one of the form teacher. alhamdulillah, kelas 3A ramai yg dpat straight A's.

and today also, afi kena pi taska setelah lama dia tak pegi. dari rumah dia dah mengamuk "afi takmo pi taska.. afi nak ikut ibu work" sayu je dgr. tapi, what to say, what to do... keje tetap keje. ibu dgn ayah nak pi cari rezeki ye dear.

blogging? actually a lot of thing to do with this blogging thingy. but... kena rest for a while jugak. nak setel mende2 penting dulu untuk bukak sekolah ni. timetable for nxyear pun dah dpt. full gile, takbyk slot free. kalo ada free pun mesti ada keje lain... tapi harapnye tahun depan lebih baik dari tahun ni. dari segi kerja dan semua la... byk sgt tanggungjawab tahun depan kat sekolah ni... harap2 semuanye dpt diuruskan dgn baik... insyaAllah.

okay, nak pi staff meeting. take care all.


Friday, December 5, 2008

officially launch and open to public

salam all,

now... i am so proud to present you my not new 1st blog to the public. you may now give your comments, key in your words into my shoutout box. i'll will add you as my follower(s) if you want to become one of them! lets share infos and knowledges, joys and tears, sort of anything that true friend can do for you.

officially i announce... ciknoiyy.blogspot will be publish to the public now.

enjoy your reading, happy blogging and take care. keep in touch!


unofficial entry

salam all,

hi, actually this is my 1st unofficial post in this blog. i am not yet ready to drive myself all over this blogspot to surf about the functions, gadgets so and so...

i am an ex-blogger. i owned a blog long long years ago. 1st blog was on the freindster platform. and also on the myspace platform. but then, i've stopped blogging. why? have no idea about it... just wanna stop.

about ciknoiyy.blogspot... actually, i've got a request from my friends where they want me to continue blogging. but i need time. really need time to start all over again. within a year, my friends keep asking me to owned a blog... yeahh friends... this is the hasil. hehehehe... thanks for the support.

why now? the time doesn't matter, sooner or later i'll make myself to own a blog. maybe this is the right time, even i've been working with ths blogspot environment not more than one day (compile any errors that occured in my friend's blog), i've got an experienced to altered, to save the template of the blog, the gadget and all. then, i've attend an i.t course for bestari's teachers and this is the outcome. kak lezah taugh us how to create a blog so and so... it was so interesting. and ciknoiyy.blogspot was created just within a half an hour. woww.. what a fast learner i am. hehehe..

later, i will make myself updated with this blogspot. so, we can keep in touch and share knowledges, share joy and laughter, share anthing la.. recipe also can. :)

and, a lot of my friends in bestari keep asking me about my background. nice yeahh? (terperasan la pulak.. hahahaha). ok, untuk tidak menkedekutkan ilmu that i've got, here the link for you guys to make your blog more fancy and interesting. i found this blog, much easy for you. just copy the coding and paste in your html/ javascript gadget. click here to go to the page. the choose background. and u also can find any accesories for your blog under one roof. all the best and happy blogging.

i'll officially launch my blog as soon as possible.. keep in touch and take care ya.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

under construction

hi all,


ciknoiyy.blogspot still under construction.

have a visit again.